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O2O Chain Mainnet, Security and high-speed transactions, O2O Dapp ecosystem composition

Next Generation Blockchain Technology O2O CHAIN

Welcome! The World Of the Marvelous SODA BlockChain Mainnet PLATFORM.

Handling Large Volume Traffic

Stable Block Generation and Verification

Providing The Best O2O Service

O2O Chain mainnet provides a total social media platform optimized for DApp social media. Providing an API on top of the mainnet, it supports easy DApp opening.

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The CertiK project is based on high validity and credibility.
Total Official Verification (We mathematically prove that each realization meets the specifications).
Deep Spec Technology (Break down technology based on stratum for extended verification).
Mostly automatic, verification through device confirmation is possible.

SODA Certificate Badge




Handling Large Volume Traffic

With 300,000 TPS per second, we have solved the problem of applying standard blockchains in daily life.

Main-Net established.

We created exclusive O2O ecosystem by developing our own mainnet in alliance with Sigma Chain.

Block Generation Algorithm

We have developed an original block generation technology by combining the DDPoS algorithm and our own block generating algorithm.

Block Generation Algorithm

DDPoS (Dual Delegated Proof of Stake) is an algorithm that Sigma Chain developed by improving the DPoS method, which is a decentralized public network based on block chain using Graphene Toolkit Technology. This algorithm improves transaction speed which is a disadvantage of existing PoW method and strengthens the security aspect of DPoS method. In the O2O chain, the DDPoS algorithm is introduced and applied so that the participants of the O2O market participate in the block generation when creating the block.

Block Generation Period and Transactions

Block generation period is recommended to be at least 3 seconds in order to avoid problems such as network delay. The maximum size of blocks and transactions is unlimited and can be set according to the user's needs.

Transaction Performance

It’s difficult to apply the PoW method in actual service since it can only process 7 – 10,000 transactions per second.
Accordingly, companies applying the existing PoW method are making various efforts to increase the speed, but they cannot go beyond the limits of the original model. This has been improved in the DPoS method used by EOS, which processes about 100,000 transactions per second, but the DDPoS method applied in the O2O chain processes about 300,000 transactions per second, generates a block every three seconds and is also superior in stability. Because of that it is suitable for the O2O service where a large number of transactions occur.


The O2O chain is a model which further improved the security. When 17 representative nodes are selected, eight nodes are picked from the O2O market participating small-enterprise nodes and fixed as a verification target. When four verification nodes are randomly selected the small-enterprise nodes also participate in the verification process. The existing DPoS model can be specified as the target of hacking 21 people, but in the O2O chain the O2O market participants participate in block generation and separate verification nodes are being randomly selected, which makes it even more difficult to hack.


Using the mainnet developed in alliance with Sigma chain, the O2O chain allows smooth transactions handling and natural ecosystem structure, providing Web/App wallet creation and stable service.

API Layer

Smart Wallet, Smart Contract Etc.


The mainnet of the O2O chain provides a platform optimized for the O2O service. By providing an API on top of the mainnet, we support easy opening of DApp.

SODA service combines the block chain technology of Syrup Table, which has been downloaded by over 18 million people.

SODA Service

SODA(Shared O2O DApp), as the no 1 internal DApp of the O2O chain mainnet, has strengthened the “food” themed services like restaurants recommendation, food sharing, table sharing etc., of the original Syrup Table which has been downloaded by over 18 million people. It’s a Wallet based food-tech platform combining blockchain, big data analysis, AI and other technologies.


Restaurants Recommendation/Rewards Service

We provide individually customized restaurant information based on the Big Data analysis of user’s restaurant usage, other user’s reviews etc. If the users pay for the food using SODAT, they can receive SODA tokens for writing a review, and if other users relate to their review, they can receive additional SODA tokens.

Food Sales/Sharing Service

This service allows users to easily sell/share their own-made recipes, lunch-boxes, side dishes, ingredients etc. through the SODADApp. It connects the buyers and sellers through big data analysis, and the SODA tokens can be used for transaction payments.

Table Sharing (Social Dining) Service

This is a community-type service, which matches users having similar food taste and interest so that they can become friends by sharing a meal together. The participants verify their identity through SODA service and can pay using SODA tokens.

Food Delivery/Restaurants Advertisement/Coupon Books Distribution

The restaurants and user can easily pay the delivery rider commission using SODAT. The food-themed booklets to be issued by the SODA service is also distributed by the delivery riders, and the riders receive SODA tokens in return. The restaurants advertising on the SODA platform can also pay the promotion fee using SODAT.

Smart Food Ordering/Payment Service

This service allows ordering food and payment (SODA tokens) through DApp using NFC tagging in offline restaurants, QR code scanning etc.



O2OChain Team

Who makes the O2O chain?

Yu, Jae Beom

CEO, Co-Founder

IT Planning & Marketing Specialist Director of numerous successful web, mobile app, and mobile game services.
Monster cube Co. Ltd.(Syrup table) CEO FreechalgamesCo. Ltd. OspCorporation CEO

Seo, Jong Ho


Big data, AI Specialist Seoul National University/ KAIST MS Big data analysis & Artificial intelligence Project PM HaansoftInc.(한글과컴퓨터)
Samsung electronics Co. Ltd. GurumediaCEO

Seon,Yo Seop


AI-transportation engineering, IT Planning & Blockchain Specialist.
Director & PM of numerous successful RFID, NFC, mobile service, car sharing, ICT projects.
National Information society Agency.
National IT Industry Promotion Agency.
2 patents of block chain technology.

Park,Yong Gu

IT Planning & Engineering Specialist

Director & PM of numeroussuccessfulweb, mobileapp, energy and ICT projects AbydosCo.Ltd. CEO

Seo, Myung Duck

IT Planning & Marketing

Monster cube Co. Ltd. (Syrup table)
Hoacomms Co. Ltd.
Apptoz Co. Ltd.

Woo, Han shin

System engineer.

Whois hositng.
Inames hosting.
Ibi hosting.

Jeong, Uk

Development Team

Blockchain Development Serverside Solidity/Node.js/JAVA/Android/PHP programming Rico Interactive Co. Ltd.
Si-gong media Co. Ltd. DuometisCo. Ltd.

Ryan Youngho Cho


B.A Mathematics and Statistics, Columbia University M.S New Energy Engineering, Seoul National University of Science and Technology

Alliance Lead Member

Jinyoung Kwak


Having a Masters degree in Computer Sciences from Griffith University, he worked as a software engineer and was among the developers of Cyrword, the first social network in Korea. Late on, he worked at as CTO and was appointed an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Game Technology at the Korea Polytechnic University. He is regarded as a social network IT expert in solution (DB) Analysis & Design. Since 2015, he has been developing technologies related to SNS service based on distributed network and blockchain. He is the founder and CEO of Sigmachain and now is also serving as the CEO of Futurepia. In recognition of his services, he won the Blockchain Innovation Award at the Global Economic and Cultural Development Forum, Korea in 2018.

Dennis Oh


Having a bachelor's, master's and doctorate degree in Industrial Engineering from KAIST, he has a history of conducting dozens of successful mergers and acquisitions and have consulted more than 2000 enterprises. He was the representative director of Saving Bank and Nexus Investment Company and was the CFO of Modia and

Jangjun Yun


Jangjun Yun is the Sigmachain CMO, CEO of Doobe Co. Ltd., and Technical Adviser for Korea Software Industry Association. He was part of Shinhan Bank’s smart task force, where he gained extensive experience in building personal information management systems based on the blockchain. In addition, he has built a video evidence analysis system based on AI for the Police Agency. Jangjun was part of the team that participated in making of Big Data POC production center while working along with Google and LG Display. Moreover, he has built the Hyundai and Kia Motors g-CRM / GVOCM.


Moon, Jong Sub

Professor, Department of Electronics and Information Engineering, Korea University Illinois Institute of Technology, PHD Seoul National University, MS

Kim, Hae Sun

nternational marketing and financial specialist.
Over 20 year experience in the US and China market.
Speaker in international conference, editor of“China Market, New Entry Method”
Close relationship with Chinese PE, Capital market experts & Government entities

Moon, Sung Joon

Mobile Application Security specialist
eNsecure CO. LTD. CEO
Interbizen technology CO. LTD. CEO
MJL technology korea CO. LTD.
CA korea Co. LTD. System engineer/ PM
STG Security Business Dept. Director
Fortify Software Korea CEO

Jung Soon Kwon

Specialist in On-Line & Mobile Game Business, Blockchain, Pin-Tech in Korea with 20+ years of experience.
Producer of Talesrunner O2Jam. Owner of O2Jam IP

Alliance Developer

Jungkyu Hwang

He is a smart application development expert who belongs to Sigmachain and develops a lot of applications from J2ME until Android. He has a variety of technologies and experiences about P2P Connection, Social Media Application. Also He has careers that had developed Samsung Smartphone Software : CDMA, GSM, UMTS.

Kwangho Hur

He is an application program development expert. In the past, He developed the mobile project as PM at Samsung multimedia layer solution and a lot of application programs for business. Beyond that, He has a lot of development careers : Samsung Mobile-Android Application, Hyundai Mobis ARHUD Component Development, ETRI Medical 3D Printer.

Seungwook Kim

Previously, he worked for developer, PL, PM, and worked at Awasoft. Currently, he is working as a developer of SigmaChain. He has technical support for the Citibank Mobile Banking Renewal Project, has been involved in various projects including Shinhan Bank's overhaul of mobile banking and technical support for mobile bankbook project.

Jinyoung Shin

As an IT planner with more than 15 years of experience, she has launched services such as Social Media Single Community Saycupid, Story Video Collaboration Editor, Wired / Wireless Integrated P2P, Social Market Place App and Social Media Address Book. She has experience building LG Telecom CMS and Music Portal. She published [Easy to Learn Internet Broadcasting] as a book.